Nu Era – The Third Adam


2019 Reissue of the 2013 album

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Release Date: 8th of February 2019

2019 Reissue of the 2013 album

Relighting an early moniker ‘Nu Era’ Marc Mac dusts off and surrounds himself with analogue keyboards, vintage drum machines and a laptop; yes the equipment list reads like a second hand 80‘s music store but the sound is very much futuristic. ‘The Third Adam’ is a full on electronic album but it’s easy to hear the soulful shades of Marc’s 4hero and Reinforced productions, the strong Detroit Techno influence is also ever present on this journey. The album manages to tie together Electro, Funk, Broken Breaks and Techno seamlessly making it hard to simply file in the Techno section so we’re gonna throw genre away on this and just enjoy an electronic adventure.

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