Obituary – World Demise


Don’t expect a cookie cutter album, the Tardys and their cohorts like to experiment. They succeeded.

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Limited Edition Gatefold  Transparent Double Red Vinyl – 800 Copies Worldwide

In 1994, Obituary took a slight turn from their classic, Celtic Frost-influenced death metal roots, in favor of a sound which, while still carrying on the Obituary torch and remaining in the same general realm as the band’s previous works, was distinctly different. Yes, John Tardy’s vocals are still guttural and inhuman, Donald Tardy’s drumming still grooves beneath the brutal riffing of Trevor Peres and Frank Watkins, while the lead guitar work of Allen West twists and turns, sickly contorting, yet still retaining a semblance of melody. Yes, this is still Obituary, but there’s something else, behind it all, which adds to the album in a different way than anything the band had done up to this point.

Some fans claim that this was the dawn of the band’s experimentation with more “current” genres, such as groove metal, or genres outside of metal, such as punk, hardcore, or rock. And sure, there are touches of that in the band’s sound…but where?John Tardy’s grunts have hardly changed at all (if anything, they sound more vicious and powerful than ever), and I’ll be damned if the classic, churning riffwork of guitarists Trevor Peres and Allen West (or bassist Frank Watkins) have traversed into any genre outside of death metal. In fact, the only thing that is markedly different from past efforts, is that drummer Donald Tardy completely shifts away from speed, in favor of a more groove-oriented approach. And I’m not kidding when I say that there are only two moments on the entire album where he kicks up any dust at all and decides to speed it up a notch (the track “Solid State” has a fast, old school death metal bridge, and there is a brief d-beat during one of the solos of “Paralysing”). His drumming, alone, is what makes this album sound so much different from past efforts. Just listen to the opening drum beat to “Lost”, which I would dare to say has a vague hip-hop influence. While I wouldn’t go as far as to attempt to justify this as another genre, it’s certainly different from the band’s previous works, and, in all honesty, most death metal.

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