Obituary – World Demise

Obituary – World Demise


2019 re-issue of the 1994 classic! 

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In 1994, Obituary took a slight turn from their classic, Celtic Frost-influenced death metal roots, in favor of a sound which, while still carrying on the Obituary torch and remaining in the same general realm as the band’s previous works, was distinctly different. Yes, John Tardy’s vocals are still guttural and inhuman, Donald Tardy’s drumming still grooves beneath the brutal riffing of Trevor Peres and Frank Watkins, while the lead guitar work of Allen West twists and turns, sickly contorting, yet still retaining a semblance of melody. Yes, this is still Obituary, but there’s something else, behind it all, which adds to the album in a different way than anything the band had done up to this point.

Re-issued via Listenable Records. 

Released 25th January 2019.

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