Yung Lean – Unknown Memory


Unknown Mmemory is the debut album by Swedish rapper Yung Lean

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Release Date: 15th of March 2019

Yung Lean began to attract public attention aged just 17 in 2013 when the music video for his track ‘Ginseng Strip 2002’ went viral, getting over 2 million views on YouTube. One year later he brings forth Unknown Memory, his official debut album. While Yung Lean’s 2013 ‘Unknown Death’ presents a playful sonic universe built from the pop culture references and phenomena that saturated his youth, the Yung Lean we face on Unknown Memory is wiser, self-confident and more complex. His lyrics are instantly memorable and relatable; through the rhymes that fans have come to expect and the addition of poignant heart and soul, Yung Lean shares his new life experience, his troubles and joys. Over the past year, Yung Lean has toured worldwide and has developed an entire brand around his name and lifestyle. He knows where he is going and how to get there, an artist that is beginning to make his mark on the hip-hop and electronic music scene. All tracks on Unknown Memory were produced by Yung Gud, Yung Sherman and White Armor, three producers who have established themselves in the hip-hop and electronic music elite over the past year. The album also features a brilliant vocal guest spot on ‘Ghosttown’ by Travis Scott. Yes, ‘Unknown Memory’ is hip-hop but it’s also a hybrid of modern experimental music and is a step to the next level, with laser sword melancholia and ominous synth clouds hovering over clinical beats.